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What is it?

What is it?

Practical Business Design is a method of describing your business; what it does, how it operates and what you want to achieve, all on a single Canvas page.

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Who needs it?

People who want to know if their change projects are aligned with their objectives. People who want to create a baseline model of their business to govern future change against.

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Who needs it?

Any organisation, anywhere

You can use the Practical Business Design Canvas in any organisation in any location working in any industry. The method works just as well for small retail businesses as it does for global financial services corporations.

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Benefits of using the Practical Business Design Canvas


All you need is a pencil and you can get started. You don't need any specialist tools to begin. You may already have a lot of the information, so the Canvas can help you structure that information and link everything together.


The Canvas covers the whole of the business right from Strategy and what you want to achieve, through your change projects and how they will impact what you do and how you do it.


By taking the best of various business frameworks and hiding the complexity, the Canvas lets you get started quickly understanding how your business works.

How do I use it?

The guide will describe each section in the Canvas and some simple rules about how to complete them.

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How do I use it?


I released the Practical Business Design Canvas as a tool to help businesses better understand what they do and how they change. I always want to improve, so I would like your feedback on the Canvas please. How did you find using it? What was missing from it? Did you find it a useful way of structuring your change effort?

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